Central Coast Beekeepers

We are an informal group of beekeepers in San Luis Obispo.

Our mission is to support our pollinators by fostering the health and well-being of honey bees;  we support best beekeeping practices: and we endeavor by networking, education and raising public awareness to protect our local bees and pollinators.   We hold monthly meetings on the second Monday, at the homes of local beekeepers.

We co-ordinate swarm recovery, see our Swarms page, or contact our Swarm Dispatchers, Bruce Terry at (805) 459-0762, for North County swarms call Mike Bruffey at  (805) 235-0582 or (805) 464-4141. bee-with-pollen


Honeybees and Yellowjackets, a primer

At this time of year,  Autumn,  Yellowjackets are everywhere.   Many folks confuse honeybees and yellowjackets, and to help dispel  confusion we have prepared this graphic card.Bee