Swarm recovery

Central Coast Beekeepers co-ordinates swarm captures and removal in San Luis Obispo, using the expertise among our membership.  If you have spotted a honeybee swarm, please  our  Swarm Dispatch coordinators, for coastal areas call Bruce Terry at (805) 459-0762, for North County swarms call Mike Bruffey at  (805) 235-0582 or (805) 464-4141.   or use the email contact form at the bottom of this post.

Swarms are easily hived by beekeepers. They are the natural manner bees expand their numbers.

Bee swarms are not dangerous.  Colony division is how honeybees grow.  Bees in a swarm will settle temporarily in a “bivouac”, from this temporary spot they will send out scouts to locate a new home.  When bees are in their “bivouac”, they are easily and safely collected.  You can help our efforts by contacting us, and making note of the size and location of the swarm.

Swarm and Honeybee contact  info –—  Call John Chesnut (805) 528-0833 or use our form for bee swarms and other concerns


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